01    ŽIVIJÓ – Custom lettering made for photographer Vendula Knopova’s project titled ‘ŽIVIJÓ’. Applied across various outputs such as a catalogue, sleeping bag, and labels. Type Design by Alyar Aynetchi, Graphic Design by Ondrej Báchor, Photos by Vendula Knopova.

02    Anagrams — Anagrams is a book project exploring the relationship between memory and identity in the form of a visual essay. Combining photography and illustration, the narrative connects related subjects through association of a common theme. Concept and Art Direction by Alyar Aynetchi, Photography by Cécilia Poupon and Marvin Leuvrey.
03    ECAL Book Club — Poster for the fall 2015 Book Club at ECAL. An evening of lectures and discussions on artist books, production and publishing with Julien Gremaud, Thomas Koenig and Myriam Ziehli. 
04    Orion — Orion Lookbook with custom typeface in Light and Regular weights, images by Roos van der Kieft.
05    Tohu Bohu Artist Agency — The visual identity for Amsterdam/Berlin/Vienna based artist agency Tohu Bohu. Consisting of a logotype, stationery, promotional material, and a website.

06    WYWS Visual Identity — The visual identity and exhibition design for the 2015 Graphic Design Graduation Show At The Royal Academy Of Art, The Hague. Realised across print and digital media, the identity includes an exhibition catalogue, posters, website, signage, bags and the design of the exhibition furniture. In collaboration with Sara Risvaag, Sepus Noordmans, Bram De Leeuw, Tomas Laar, Orphe Tan-A-Kiam.
07    It Was Never Real — A collaborative project made as part of the workshop with Ill-Studio at the Master of Art Direction programme at the ECAL. The core brief was to create a visual dialogue with a selection of original student work along with the sources connected to the work itself, highlighting the various motives and cultural contexts alike. The collective source of images initiates a self-reflexive dialogue in relation to the original works, showing an encyclopaedia of influences with the aim of blending the profiles between high and low culture.
08    Hero — Visual research on the modularity of grids and geometric forms.
09    Majical Cloudz ‘Your Eyes’ — The cover art for the standalone single release by Majical Cloudz titled 'Your Eyes’. Inspired by the language of tablature, ‘Your Eyes’ was digitally released in 2014 as a thank you note to all those who were part of their North American tour with Lorde.
10    CAAL Architectes — The visual identity and output for Swiss architecture studio CAAL Architectes. Consisting of a logotype, website, stationery items, and an expandable catalogue of work and research documentation undertaken by the studio.